Electric Lady Studios – New York City

Electric Lady Studios

Electric Lady Studios is considered by most hallowed ground.  The recording studio in New York’s Greenwich Village has recorded some of the most iconic albums in rock history.  In 1968 the building housed a recently shuttered nightclub called The Generation. Jimi Hendrix had played here a number of times in impromptu jams.  Jimi bought the place and record producer and engineer Eddie Kramer convinced him to build a recording studio.   Jimi did have a vision for another live performance club, but under another name. The need though was too great for a studio that would suit Jimi’s needs.  At the time there weren’t any other artist owned studios.

eddie kramer electric lady - Electric Lady Studios - New York City

The build out of the studio was done with Jimi in mind the whole time.  Ambient light and other features were added to give a relaxed feeling. Exactly how Jimi liked to work. One feature though that Kramer insisted on was a drug free zone. The studio was to uphold a professional atmosphere.  

The construction took twice as long as expected and was not ready until August of 1970. Jimi’s time here was limited. He only spent 4 weeks recording in Electric Lady Studios. There was a party on the 26th of August to celebrate its opening. The next day Jimi recorded his last studio recording. A track only known as “Slow Blues”. Hendrix left then for a flight across the pond so he could perform at the Isle of Wight Festival.  3 weeks later Jimi Hendrix would be dead.  

Throughout the years some of the most iconic albums of many genres were recorded at Electric Lady Studios. Led Zeppelin alone recorded Physical Graffiti, Houses of the Holy and The Song Remains the Same at the studio.    

The Electric Lady Studios is the oldest working recording studio in New York City.   The studio continues to operate like it did when Jimi Hendrix first recorded here. A professional working studio that churns out some of our favorite albums. Because it is a working studio you can’t go inside. Rock and Roll history oozes from this place. Even to stand on the sidewalk  knowing some of the greatest music ever was recorded just past the front doors is worth the visit.

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Jimi Hendrix - Electric Lady Studios - New York City

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